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Index lights is proud to provide the Ministry of Education with modern and efficient lighting systems. The education system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the oldest educational systems in the region, with the first school established over a century ago, starting with only four schools. In 1928, a decision was made to establish a knowledge council to supervise education in the Hijaz region, which now includes 323 schools covering the entire Kingdom.
The lighting system provided by Index Company to the Ministry of Education has been developed according to the latest technologies and international standards in the field of lighting, ensuring a suitable and ideal learning environment for students and teachers. This system is characterized by its high energy efficiency and conservation, contributing to environmental preservation and improving the quality of life. The system also includes modern technical features, such as remote control and intelligent dimming, which helps improve lighting quality and save energy.

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We have asked our inspectors to apply this definition to their practice and explore these three areas of intent, implementation and impact when evaluating a school’s curriculum. In other words, what is a school trying to achieve through its curriculum, how is it being delivered and what difference is it making to pupils’ learning. These ideas are not new: rather they are about making visible what has sometimes been lost sight of.

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